About ZeroTwentyFifty

We're working to enable Product Carbon Footprint exchange.
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Who are we?

ZeroTwentyFifty is a ClimateTech company with a mission of enabling the exchange of Product Carbon Footprints. We founded our company in 2023 after conducting extensive research and development on data sharing challenges in the Lifecycle Assessment space. Our involvement in the PACT Pathfinder ecosystem inspired us to create innovative solutions in this field.

Our commitment

To contribute to the fight against anthropogenic climate change, we have chosen to offer open-source solutions to the marketplace. This enables even small organizations to reliably exchange product carbon footprints. In addition to our open-source solutions, we provide paid consulting and hosted offerings to larger organizations. Our goal is to help organizations build and accelerate the pace of their greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

How can we help you achieve your goals?

We are actively seeking partnerships with forward-thinking, innovative companies.
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The work we love

At ZeroTwentyFifty, we are driven by the desire to create a significant impact. We envision a future where Carbon Accounting is as essential as Financial Accounting, where externalities are acknowledged, and we can analyze and understand our greenhouse gas emissions with the same rigor as financial insights.

Deep expertise and knowledge

We offer extensive expertise and knowledge in PACT Pathfinder and Product Carbon Footprint sharing technology, providing effective problem-solving solutions.

Always Open for Discussion

We thrive on understanding your challenges and the environment you operate in. We welcome the opportunity to have an open conversation about how we can help address your specific problems and provide valuable insights.

Collaboration Opportunities

We're keen to collaborate with like-minded organizations to drive change. Whether through projects, knowledge sharing, or partnerships, we're committed to achieving our shared sustainability goals.